The Editor

Couture Compliance was founded in 2020 by business professional ... after identifying gaps in available resources for luxury brand importers.

Prior to starting Couture Compliance, ... worked at major international corporations, both in and out of the fashion industry, where she developed an affinity for international trade. 

After graduating from Fordham University she received a Masters of Law and Business from Bucerius Law School in Germany. While working for an elite luxury fashion house, .... completed the Fashion Law Institute Summer Intensive Program at Fordham Law School. 

.... has a passion for education and was inspired to develop a platform exclusively dedicated to educating others about fashion regulations and trade compliance.




The Why

The luxury industry is a class of its own; and the rules and regulations surrounding the industry are vast. From FDA, CBP, EPA, FTC, CPSC, and FWS, the industry balances multiple requirements for conducting a global business while meeting their international client demands.

Couture Compliance was designed to provide easy to read information specific to the fashion industry for all people (industry professionals and others). Whether it is through the free and digestible compliance information displayed under resources or through the blog dedicated to current fashion regulatory developments, visitors and subscribers alike should be able to find some guidance about the current challenges in the fashion industry.